Don't Forget About Your Tires

There is quite a bit of routine maintenance that should be checked on your vehicle regularly and your tires should be at the top of the list. Between air pressure, tire tread, tire rotations, and seasonal tire changes your tires require quite a bit of effort, but without it you could be put into a dangerous situation.

  • Tire Tread

    Watch the video below to see how you should check your tires' tread and why.

  • Air Pressure

    Due to the changing temperatures, both because of the seasons and the overnight differences, the air in your tires tends to fluctuate. You should monitor this air, refill if needed, and make sure that there aren't any holes or punctures as you do so. If you leave it unchecked it could lead to a popped or flat tire.

  • Tire Rotations

    Your tires have a better chance to wear out if they are left in the same spot. If you have them rotated than each tire receives the same amount of wear, prolonging their lives.

  • Seasonal Tire Changes

    It is extremely important to change your summer and winter tires to what they are supposed to be. Winter tires are built with thicker treads to help in the slick snow and ice while summer tires have less of a tread which actually helps when the rain begins. If you have the wrong tires for the wrong seasons you could end up slipping off the road or spending more money on new tires next year.

Come To Schumacher Chevrolet Auto Group To Have Your Tires Checked Out

If you aren't sure if you should get new tires, if you need to have your tires rotated, or if the air pressure is too low, then feel free to stop by any of our Schumacher Chevrolet Auto Group locations, whether that be Little Falls, Denville, Clifton, or Livingston, and have our technicians take a look. We will let you know if it's time for new tires and help you find the exact ones that you need.

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